Need a Virtual Vacation? Transport Yourself With Our GORGEOUS Travel-Inspired Dressing Rooms

While a lot of us have been at home this summer, that doesn't mean we still can't see the world! Here at Blond Genius, we've been dreaming of far off places, too, so we wanted to create a space that was both inspiring and inviting to our clients and friends to enjoy any time they need a break from the day-to-day.

So how'd we do it? We gave our dressing rooms a TOTAL makeover.

The idea first came to Erin when she was flipping through our Assouline collection of travel books. "I knew I wanted each room to feel like a virtual vacation, and when I was looking through our Assouline books, the thought to cut our books up and make a gallery wall out of the beautiful images and other artifacts just came to me!" Hannah and Taylor tapped into their own travel experiences as well to help make the dressing rooms really came to life for our guests.

Read on to learn more about each dressing room, the inspiration behind it, and the books you'll need if you want to recreate your own travel vibes at home.

Dressing Room #1 Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast-Inspired Dressing Room

The first dressing room was headed up by Hannah, who has traveled to and fallen in love with this famous and breathtaking coastline in southern Italy.

We used her expertise to highlight some of the most significant details from this beautiful setting. In this room, you'll find a variety of golf frames and gold thumbtacks to give the room warmth and dimension. Because of the Amalfi Coast's rich history, we finished it with a vintage-inspired rug and mosaic hooks reminiscent of Italian decor.

Amalfi Coast-Inspired Dressing Room

Amalfi Coast-Inspired Dressing Room


Dressing Room #2 Palm Beach

Palm Beach-Inspired Dressing Room

Palm Beach is a favorite of Erin's, so this room brings all the vibes of the iconic American destination, showcasing a mix of old-world glamour and new-world sophistication.

Inside this room, you'll find vibrant and bright pictures synonymous with Palm Beach, set within clean white frames, so they really pop. The white hooks are a nod to the beautiful Palm Beach modern architecture in a sense they're functional and present but fade away perfectly as to not distract. To give dimension to the walls and add some beachy vibes to the room, we placed some curated images without frames and added some dried palms from our friends at Wildflower downtown Des Moines. It's finished with a natural jute rug layered with a Lily Pulitzer rug from PB Kids (shhh…)

Palm Beach-Inspired Dressing Room

Palm Beach-Inspired Dressing Room

Dressing Room #3 St. Moritz

St. Mortiz-Inspired Dressing Room

As our resident ski bunny, Taylor brought all things chic to our third dressing room, St. Moritz.

She picked out very modern black hooks that mimic a mountain feel, and she framed everything in black. To cozy up the room to give it the vibe of ski chalets, she chose a neutral vintage-looking rug, and to warm it up even further and make the room extra bougie, she added a shearling topper to our bench and fur pillows.

Just add a mug of something spiked, and it's got all the aprés-ski vibes.

St. Mortiz-Inspired Dressing Room

St. Mortiz-Inspired Dressing Room
In order to give our friends a glimpse of what they can expect in each room, we used shadow boxes and placed the covers of our Assouline books for each room theme.

All three rooms are finished with a gorgeous jacquard curtain—perfect for selfies! We're so excited to "host" our friends in our new dressing rooms, and we hope you leave feeling just as refreshed and inspired as a true virtual vacation should!

Pop in to check them out now at our WDM location. The only question that remains, which virtual vacation will you choose?!

Want to recreate the dressing rooms in your home? Get started with these links:

Assouline Amalfi Coast Hardcover Book
Assouline Palm Beach Hardcover Book
Assouline St. Moritz Hardcover Book

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