These 3 Brands Will Definitely Make You a Hat Person

Too often, hats get the short end of the stick. 

Sometimes, hats are just an afterthought, an accessory that gets thrown on last minute as you head out the door. Other times, they're what we use to wrangle in and cover up a bad hair day when we've overslept. (Been there!) Or, perhaps you've always liked the idea of being a hat person but can't quite find the one that's right for you.

Not only do hats serve as protection from the sun, but they're also a sure-fire way to add style to any outfit, something we take very seriously at Blond Genius. Which is precisely why we've rounded up three of our favorite brands for hats, and a few helpful tips for pulling them off. By the end of this, we're not only pretty confident you'll find something you like but, who knows, you might turn into a full-fledged hat person!

Time to start getting dressed from the (very) top-down.

Rag & Bone Hats

If you've been following Blond Genius for some time, you'll know we have a particular penchant for Rag & Bone. Known for their superb craftsmanship, clean silhouettes and attention to detail, it's almost as if Rag & Bone trademarked what it meant to be cool—and that goes for their hats as well as their clothing. 

We love Rag & Bone's packable fedora, which can be stored flat in your carry-on or beach tote, and then easily pop it back into shape when you're ready to wear it. These fedoras are available in three colors (pretty shades and neutrals!) and three sizes—which is super helpful in finding the right fit, as so many hats are typically one size fits all.

We're also *swooning* over Rag & Bone's natural visors, which are perfect for laying your head back in a pool lounger without your brim getting in the way! The visors are also ideal for an active lifestyle—tennis, golf or biking—and can be worn with a high pony. They come in two easy-to-wear colors; see how we styled ours below!

And while Rag & Bone hats can certainly be worn on your next beachy getaway or outdoorsy activity, they're without a doubt stylish enough to be worn in the city, too. (The brand is based in NYC, after all.) Think: the wide-brim Panama hat for your next brunch with the girlfriends or an afternoon picnic at the park. Pair yours with a cool prairie dress, and you're good to go!

Rag & Bone - Wide Brim Panama Hat in White

Rag & Bone - Wide Brim Panama Hat in White

Rag & Bone - Wide Brim Panama Hat in Natural

Rag & Bone - Wide Brim Panama Hat in Natural

Rag & Bone - Open Weave Wide Brim Hat in Natural

Rag & Bone - Open Weave Wide Brim Hat in Natural

Rag & Bone Packable Fedora

Rag & Bone Packable Fedora (available in 3 colors)

Rag & Bone Packable Fedora

Rag & Bone - Straw Visor in Black

Rag & Bone - Straw Visor in Black (available in 2 colors)

Freya Hats

Next, let's talk about Freya. This luxury label was conceptualized by two best friends in San Francisco who wanted quality hats that would surpass time (as well as gorgeous and sturdy luggage cases to carry them in). 

The hats are handwoven by global female artisans who have learned and honed their craft from generations before them—in fact, each straw hat takes approximately two days to weave. These artists take pride in evolving new techniques of manipulating the straw and creating patterns with color, which can be seen firsthand in the Shadow and Cosmo hats below (some of our absolute favorites). And whether you're heading out on a sun-soaked journey or just around the block, these hats are all certified to exceed UPF 50, too. 

Sun-protection and style that'll have you feeling like a force of nature? Yes, please. For styling, we like to let these hats shine. Pair yours with an essential white tee and jeans, allowing the hats to do all the talking.

Freya Shadow Hat

FREYA - Shadow Hat in Black/Natural

Freya Shadow Hat

FREYA - Shadow Hat in Black/Natural

Freya Cosmo Hat

FREYA - Cosmo Hat in Multi 

L*Space Hats

And last but certainly not least, let's talk L*Space. If you're a total newbie to the hat world and a little intimidated, the brand L*Space is a great place to start, especially if you're on the lookout for a stylish hat for a warm-weather vacation. Based in sunny California, this brand knows a thing or two about keeping those sun rays at bay, and they've mastered the effortless slip-it-on-and-go styles for when the beach is calling. 

Not only are these styles super summery and chic, but these hats are made out of natural materials, too, AND they come at a price point that won't break the bank. We're particularly fond of the Wayne Hat for its wide brim and structured shape, as well as the Floria hat, which is flexible enough to be rolled up and stowed in your carry-on bag or beach tote. The open-crown design on the Floria hat also means it's perfect for wearing with a high pony, too!

L*Space Wayne Hat

L*Space - Wayne Hat in Natural

L*Space Floria Hat

 L*Space - Floria Hat in Natural


Ready to find the right topper for your look? Choose from these hats and more here.

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