Blond Genius Spotlight Series: Sophie Gillotti - Professional Organizer

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Sophie Gillotti, a dear client, friend and savior to so many in Iowa! Sophie is the owner of Neat Method Des Moines and if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, you’re in for a treat! She’s transforming spaces around Des Moines (and beyond) and creating a sense of calm in a sea of chaos.

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Read on to get to know Sophie:

Q: How did you get started in your business?
A: My tidiness started at a young age. I think all of my friends can testify that my room was spotless growing up. I also had weird obsessions such as color-coding my nail polish to keeping the grocery cart categorized. I was living out of state working as an event coordinator when I heard about NEAT Method. I became instantly obsessed and the rest is history. In 2017, I franchised in Des Moines.

Q: Best piece of advice for other women in business?
A: Accept that you can't do everything, so when you can, hire help.

Q: Favorite place to escape it all?
A: St. Barts - hands down the best vacation spot. We also spend most of our summers at Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

Q: What do you do to manage stress or relax?
A: I tend to steer clear of stress, living organized helps manage stress and working out keeps me relaxed.

Q: Favorite Fashion Designers?
A: Burberry, Frame, Frank & Eileen - fun fact, Blond Genius brought in the line Frank & Eileen per my suggestion and desire to have a local spot to shop one of my favorite designers.

Q: 'Can't live without' item in your closet that seems to always be "on repeat"?
A: Jean Jackets! In multiple colors, monogrammed, fur, details, give me all the jean jackets!

Q: Most coveted item in your closet?
A: The runway color-blocked monogrammed Burberry Poncho.

Q: Something that might surprise our readers about you?
A: I was featured in National Geographic Magazine

Short Story Time

“I was at the derby in 2014 and a photographer from NBC was taking photos of me in the paddock area (I had an epic hat). Long story short, National Geographic got a hold of me and wanted to use the photo for the “Views of the World” section. I thought it was a joke! It gets better . . . the photo they wanted to use featured my Kim Kardashian crying cell phone case. Anyways . . . they interviewed me and 7 months later the issue came out and it was a two page spread! HAHA!”

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Organizing, traveling and hanging with my friends and family.

Q: Favorite quote or words you live by?
A: You should treat everything in your life as a luxury. I tell my clients this ALL THE TIME!

Q: How do you manage work/life balance?
A: Take Breaks.

Q: Something you encourage others to do in 2020?
A: Give others compliments this year!

Well, here’s a huge compliment to a woman, who along with her team of professional organizers, has been transforming homes and lives around the state! I’m excited to share my experience with Sophie and her Neat Method team this week as they spend two days transforming as much of my house as possible in two days! My initial thought of having a professional organizer is YES! PLEASE, YES! But then reality set in and looking around my unorganized, non-Pinterest worthy house I started to become super insecure about all my “stuff” and worried I was going to be judged for it. Sophie immediately reassured me that everything is confidential and after hearing she has done work in machine sheds, shops, garages, storage units, basements, pantries, and the list goes on and on….all I’m left with is PURE EXCITEMENT to get started on my house this week! And you can bet I’ll be sharing my entire experience here! XO, Erin

Get connected with Sophie:
Sophie Gillotti
Owner, NEAT Des Moines
515.326.0762 /
Instagram / @desmoinesneat

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